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  2. Gemini 2020 Horoscope
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They have metaphysical properties that help the Gemini let go of old emotional issues and enable them to make new positive changes in life.

2020 Gemini Zodiac Horoscope

Lucky numbers for the Gemini are female 5 and male 6. Watch for your power number, Sunday is always a lucky day for the Gemini. It is a day of rest and in most cultures, the last day of the weekend. Geminis need this day to recharge for the new week. Ruled by Mercury, they are brimming with energy and vitality, and are very quickly bored.

Gemini 2020 Horoscope

Geminis live for freedom and hate anything that ties them down. Unfortunately, they cannot focus long enough to finish an assignment or task. They are too busy multi-tasking to finish these assignments. They have a love for freedom, variety and adventure in their life. Clearly in this situation, it makes sense. Of course, me being a Capricorn I want my sign to be the best. We are hard working and once we "sea goats" have a goal, we will work at trying to perfect it.

2020 ganesha pisces horoscope

But who is to say which sign is the most musically talented? This is the first sign of the zodiac, and because of that Aries are usually seen as natural leaders. They are energetic, crave adventure and don't mind traveling. Admired for being fearless and independent, it's hard for the Aries to feel grounded; they are always on the move. This sign is represented by a bull. Tauruses are known to be a tad temperamental, but are normally described as practical and cautious in life.

Food is always a must for this sign.

If you aren't eating on your date, the temper may rise. One downside is that the Taurus may be stubborn at times, but it's just the natural reaction of the strong bull. Get them angry and make sure to take cover. Gemini is well-known as the sign of the twins.

At times they may even have a split personality. One task is begun and then they jump to another. Staying focused can be a bit difficult for the Gemini, but they seem to always want to be involved with something.

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Never once do they seem boring. They stand for great communication. To some the Gemini seem a be superficial and flighty, but that's just due to the fact they have many interests in life. Geminis always like to make sure the atmosphere they're in is fun and relaxed for everyone. Cancer is seen as very generous sign, although they can be a bit emotional.

However whatever Cancer may be put through, they are very adaptable. And due to the fact that Cancers are very generous and caring, many turn to them for a shoulder to cry on. Cancers do make great people to retreat to and get away from the stressful world. Being a sun sign, Leo is very warm.

They tend to have a lot of energy and are self-motivated. Most Leos want to make an impression on everything that they do. Whether it be love, their career, or simply walking down the street; they like to leave their mark. The sign of the Leo is the lion.

Videos matching Taurus February Horoscope Forecast | Barbara Goldsmith Astrologer | Revolvy

They are very family-oriented and sought after. One word that Virgos stand for is perfection. Virgo's can be very demanding and precise, but normally they tend to be right. Usually they are very neat and tidy people and like it that way. Virgos can be a bit critical and can have high standards, but they just know what they like in life.

Although some view them as critical, they are a very knowledgeable and skilled people; that is why most enjoy hanging out with them.

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If you ask a Virgo for help, they will help you no worries, but it will be handled on their own terms. Libras are social divas. They are great thinkers, but one thing is for sure: They love to people-please. Most Libras will make sure everything is all right with everyone around them before enjoying themselves. Each and every woman in this world want to become mother.

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