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Use a browser to access the site instead of Tapatalk. Cookies Tapatalk. Vesta in House and Signs Sep 3, 1. Mines is in Virgo 5th House. Which house or which sign is yours in?? Sep 3, 2. I also look at Vesta as where we need a break from. Like last year, this year and even and even next year I have Vesta in my 6th House and it explains why I have been so stagnant career wise..

Sep 3, 3. Sep 3, 4.

Pallas, Juno, and Vesta: The Three Jewels of Your Astrology Chart

Sep 3, 5. Sep 3, 6. Sep 3, 7. How do I find out which house mine is in via my birth chart? Sep 3, 8. This definitely reads true!!! Sep 3, 9. Sep 5, I'm in the 1st house in Leo. A lot of that sounds just like me. Vesta in Gemini works with communication. They are gifted with networking and coordination. They may inspire others to devotion but they may try to avoid all contact with emotion or intimacy. They are good at multitasking. They teach and find answers. They seek to acquire as much knowledge as possible and share it.

They may need to learn to slow down and find themselves. They may have problems due to overintellectualizing their experiences instead of feeling the emotion. Vesta in Cancer is devoted to serving others. They are a natural care giver and just want to be needed.

Vesta in Cancer

When they don't feel appreciated they may withdraw. They have a strong feeling of responsibility to family and home. This may overpower any personal desires. They are willing to make this sacrifice, which may make them appear rather cold. They are intuitive.

They are healers full of compassion. They may take the pain of others into themselves in an attempt to heal them.

Astrology Tarot Psychic Guidance, Women's spirituality, High Priestess musings

They need to learn to heal themselves. Vesta in Leo works best in creative original areas. They are artistic. They have a passion for self expression. They are full of enthusiasm and love. They can be egotistical if they are not loved. They are natural romantics. They may refuse to consider the opinions of others. They may become zealous. They have a talent for focusing on the creative or dramatic side of any circumstance. They are proud and are always willing to give from the heart.

Vesta in Virgo may become compulsive about serving others.

ASTROGRAPH - Cancer in Astrology

They are serious and very driven to meet their goals. They have a wonderful sense of duty but they may not be able to accept that failure may result. They need to learn to relax and enjoy themselves. They may suppress their own wishes in the course of duty with no regrets. They are natural healers with attention to detail. They will work until there is nothing left to give. Vesta in Libra needs to work with others. Interaction is important to them.

Vesta in Cancer- The Hidden and the Lost

Balance helps bring out their willingness and ability to serve. They need equality in their relationships, but in order to be accepted they may give away too much of their own control. They may end up competing rather than working with someone.

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They are willing to suffer anything to bring advantage to their partners. They have talents in the arts and in social situations. They are good at compromise and diplomacy. They want to find a balance between themselves and others. Vesta in Scorpio is passionate. They seek absolutes and intimacy. They are vulnerable to guilt and shame, which could send them into a repressive state. They are very exacting. They are critical and judgmental.

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They have the ability for complete regeneration of their personality and may have psychic gifts. They are good at finding that which is hidden. They are intense and are constantly healing themselves. They need to learn moderation and when to trust. Vesta in Sagittarius is devoted to a higher power or universal truth. This serves as inspiration for their greatest work. They may become fanatic about their beliefs. They believe in intellectual freedom.